[rescue] Sun and other RAM (update)

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Sep 17 07:54:30 CDT 2009

Updating.  The 168-pin DIMMs have been claimed (twice over, actually).


2x 256MB PC2700 200-pin SODIMM (Samsung, available as soon as I have the
PC2100 module I need)

2x 256MB PC2700 172-pin MicroDIMM (Sony, for Vaio)

> 2x 128MB PC66 144-pin SODIMM (MemoryTen, I think)
> 2x 64MB PC100 144-pin SODIMM (1 GoldenRAM, 1 Lifetime Memory Products)
> 2x 64MB PC66 144-pin SODIMM (Kingston)
> 2x 32MB PC66 144-pin SODIMM (IBM)
> 4x 64MB 200-pin DIMM (Sun 501-2480)

Still need:

> 1 512MB PC2100/DDR266 200-pin SODIMM

Could also use a couple of 256MB PC133 168-pin DIMMs if anyone has any
spares lying around.

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