[rescue] Sun E3500 available in PA, US.

Mark G. Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Wed Sep 16 15:30:53 CDT 2009


After my recent rescue of a pair of loaded and nearly pristine V880s, I 
it's time to retire my Sun E3500 server. For years this has been my 
favorite Sun system, first central to my small business, then later 
for my home file-server and personal workstation.

My E3500 is configured with an SBUS I/O board, a PCI I/O board, and three 
(dual) CPU system boards, but I'll include additional CPUs and CPU boards 
if someone would rather configure it for 8 CPUs. Mine has the 100 MHz clock 
board, a spare 100 MHz clock board, 400 MHz CPUs, and I think whatever 
maximum amount of RAM the system boards will take. It also has the square 
glued-on heatsink versions of the boards, since the clips for the round 
heatsinks break. It has the optional front-mounted FC disk power supply, 
and I'll include at least two 18GB FC drives with a fresh Solaris 
installation. I'll also include an S-Bus cgsix frame buffer and sun monitor, 
if desired. There are additional spare I/O and CPU boards and other 
parts. I was hoping someone would offer me a few hundred dollars for 
everything and would pick it up near Plymouth Meeting PA, since I want 
nothing to do with shipping this beast. I might be persuaded to include
a loaded 420R or two as well.  I also might open to various trades for
newer Sun or Cisco gear.

Anyone interested?

Mark G. Thomas

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