[rescue] Sun and other RAM offered

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Wed Sep 16 10:39:09 CDT 2009

Clearing out my backlog of old RAM.  All this RAM is either known or
believed still good, except for the last which is ancient and pretty
dubious.  Free-for-shipping to good home.

2x 128MB PC66 144-pin SODIMM (possibly MemoryTen)
2x 64MB PC100 144-pin SODIMM (1 GoldenRAM, 1 Lifetime Memory Products)
2x 64MB PC66 144-pin SODIMM (Kingston)
2x 32MB PC66 144-pin SODIMM (IBM)

4x 64MB 200-pin DIMM (Sun 501-2480)

3x 256MB PC100 168-pin DIMM (1 Compaq, 2 unknown)
3x 32MB PC66 168-pin DIMM (1 Micron, 2 unknown)

Two unknown memory modules, 72-pin DIMM, tinned contacts, one has 32x
Hitachi HM514100AS8, the other 32x Mitsubishi M5M44100AJ

Things I'm looking for:

1 512MB PC2100/DDR266 200-pin SODIMM

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