[rescue] Free (modulo shipping) to rescuers: 2 SGI boxes, bunch o' SGI s/w

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Mon Sep 14 16:47:47 CDT 2009

I've been lurking for a long time, but am still here and still learning
a heck of a lot from y'all.  Thank you.  I hope someone can use this stuff.

SGI Challenge S - config unknown
SGI Indy R5000 - config unknown

Looks to me like both have memory and CPUs, but only one
has a disk and I haven't tried to power up either.  Both
were putatively working and I believe that, but...

SGI Hot Mix 12 ( 2 CDs)
    Hot Mix 9
    Freeware June 1998
    Freeware 2.0 for Irix 6.2 or greater, circa 1996
    Indizone 3
    Hot Mix 18
    Welcome to the Indizone
    Developer's Toolbox v6.2b
    Developer's Toolbox v6.2c
    Webforce Seminar
    Hot Mix 13
    Silicon Surfer WWW Demo CD


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