[rescue] FFS: Tadpole SparcBook

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Sep 6 23:37:01 CDT 2009

>> I guess these are cute little boxes.  And like that, it's gone.
> They're positively wonderful little systems.  The only advice I have
> for prospective owners is that the screens on them DO NOT like hot
> environments.

I've had trouble with mine because it seems very picky about what disks
it's willing to accept.  I have a ~1G drive in mine (came with it)
which works fine, but when I try a (much larger) IDE laptop drive
behind a SCSI adapter - another of the same model that works fine in my
Voyager - the ROM code refuses to see the drive.  (I really need to
test this more to figure out what's really wrong here....)

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