[rescue] SunBlade 2000.... doesn't power on

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Sep 6 22:07:20 CDT 2009

Oh, this unit has 20'02 and "twenty years of innovation" on the plastic 
around the
front lit Sun Logo....  do all SB2000s have that ?

-- Curt

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> It was the side cover intrusion switch.... the piece of plastic on the 
> side cover is broken
> off and was not pusing on the intrusion switch !
> Other than that broken piece of plastic, a broken retaining 'clip' for 
> the top plastic,
> and the handle of the power supply which took a hard hit (presumably 
> during shipping),
> this thing is M I N T mint....
> I bought it as new on the box.... and this system has never been 
> used... no dust,
> drive boots up having me pick Solaris 8 or Solaris 9.... nice...
> 1G of RAM, 1 CPU, DVD Drive, Floppy Drive, and Smart Card reader.... 
> now just need
> to locate another CPU and another Gig of RAM for it :-)
> -- Curt
> Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> I a "new in the box" SunBlade 2000... doesn't power on.
>> Plug in the power supply, you hear the power supply make an audible 
>> click... but
>> pressing the power button on the front does nothing.
>> Anyone with some SunBlade 2000 experience care to point me in the right
>> direction as to where to best start looking ?
>> If a power supply is a likely candidate... as I understand it the 
>> U80, SB1000, and
>> SB2000 all used the same supply... if this is so, anyone have an 
>> extra power supply
>> for one ?
>> Thanks,
>> -- Curt
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