[rescue] Sparcstation 20 - Dude, we're getting the band back together!

Sanford Barton xc68000 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 21:29:26 CDT 2009

@Jonathan - Thats a good idea and I'll give it a shot.

@Mike it feels like a software issue at this point, but I'd be
interested in what release of Solaris 9 you started with... I only
have the FCS Media Kit....I'm not convinced that the latest
recommended patch bundle brought everything forward that needed
updating. I doubt Sun was doing much patch regression testing on the
Sparc20 when 9 was getting updated ;)

As an aside - I got some great steals on some ROSS modules. So pretty
soon I'll be able to test and benchmark the following modules agains
each other:

-2 x ROSS 626D 200Mhz 512kb half-speed cache
-2 x ROSS 626C 150Mhz 512kb full-speed cache
-2 x ROSS 626x 142Mhz 1024kb full-speed cache (really interested in
how these perform)
-2 x SM71's
-2 x SM81's

The specInt/specFP values you see for all these processors are really
whacked when you bounce them agains real world tasks.  I'd like to
find a benchmarking package that would give a better representation of
various performance aspects of the above.  It's all for fun and games
at this stage of course :)

Thanks for all the input from everyone btw.

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