[rescue] SBUS freebies for postage

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 11:59:19 CDT 2009

We are getting ready to move back to Las Vegas, as I found an all  
Solaris job (ok, some NetApp, too, but no Linux :-) and get to keep  
99% of my California salary, without all the state taxes.  Should work  
out to a small raise.

So, anyway, I've started sifting through the junk in the storage unit,  
and thought I'd post these up in case any of you old-schoolers want  
them.  Most were working pulls at the time I grabbed them from the  
boneyard at work, but I have no way to test them, so YMMV.  All have  
been kept in static bags.

1x SBUS Video, probably a TGX
1x SBUS HDI5(S?) video Integrix 520v rev 1.0  I35 140190
1x SBUS HD50 SCSI card  -- 5011850040493
1x SBUS HD50 SCSI/Ethernet -- 5012015042416

I'm currently in zip 94066.  We'll be in LV looking for a place for a  
few days starting tomorrow.  Anything not claimed by    12 Sept. is  
going to the electronic recyclers.


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