[rescue] Sparcstation 20 - Dude, we're getting the band back together!

Mike Shields shieldsm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 10:23:29 CDT 2009

> So where I'm at is basically 4 possibilities:
> 1.)  I'm taxing the SuperSparcs in such a way with the newer software
> that they will never be stable in this system.
> 2.)  I have a batch of bad processor modules.
> 3.)  The CG14 bits are being pushed beyond their limits with the
> SuperSparcs, especially now that it's not using much acceleration for
> 2D (speculation).  If so, why not the same behavior with the ROSS
> processors?  Perhaps they are not able to feed/stress the
> memory/graphics controller they way the SuperSparcs are?
> 4.)  Not a heat or component stress issue at all, but some sort of
> multitasking, OS, or cache/memory controller bug.
Is it possible that it's the Ross PROM? I've got several dual SM71 SS20's
that I've never had issues with. They all use PROM rev 2.22. I have two,
specifically, that run Solaris 9. One runs 24/7, although that one is maxed
out to 512mb and is headless (well, TGX on SBUS). I've got another one that
I built for desktop purposes, with 448mb ram, 8mb VSIMM, 36gb 10krpm drive,
etc. Again, I've never had any issues, running Gnome, web browsers, etc on
the CG14.

Since you've found a working system in Solaris 8, just consider this another
data point. If you're interested in further investigation, I could collect
revision numbers from various parts for comparison.

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