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Hi Bill,

Just wanted to send this to you if you wanted to pass this on to the rescue
list.  You're a better judge than I am if it's appropriate.

-Bob, N3XKB

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It is with much sadness that I report the passing of Den Connors, KD2S
at 2AM this morning. Den passed on after a year+ fight to conquer
lymphoma. This morning, Ralph (KD1SM) reported
   "Den checked-in to our weekly Club information net on 70cm
    Monday evening.  As usual, he sounded pretty chipper."

   "Very shortly after that he developed a serious infection
    and his non-existent immune system could do nothing."

Den was TAPR's first president, overseeing the transition from a local
Tucson club into the multi-national TAPR. He was a major sponsor of the
adoption of AX.25 as the amateur packet standard. Under his lead, TAPR
introduced the TNC-1 and then later the TNC-2. Den worked with me to
define an amateur store-and-forward packet radio satellite; this morphed
into the Microsats (AO16-16, IO-26. AO-27 & MO-30).

Den moved to Massachusetts about 25 years ago to work at Wang Computers,
and lived in Pepperell, Massachusetts.

73, Den -- you will be missed by all your friends!

Tom Clark, K3IO

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