[rescue] OKIStation 7300 Model 20 (runs OKIX) (i860 based UNIX system)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Sep 3 20:32:51 CDT 2009

Well... I'm now in possession of one of these...

sadly... it wouldn't boot (HD wouldn't spin up).

I have discovered that the drive does spin up in an external scsi
case... and does boot the system if I use an external drive power
supply to supply drive power.... so I'm guessing PSU, or solder
joints/fuses/etc on the wiring from the PSU connector to the drive
power connector.  I'll be looking at that shortly.

Anyone have any info on these systems ?  Have boot media ?
Any docs ?

(so far bios seems to have one letter commands, r for register dump, m for
manipulating memory, b for boot, etc... no help command, no ? command)

This is an i860 based system.

-- Curt

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