[rescue] PC100/133 memory size/density/etc question(s)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Oct 26 22:09:32 CDT 2009

I'm playing around with an old Asus K7M (Athlon) motherboard (with a 
750MHz Slot-A
Athlon processor on it)....

I have various memory modules... and I've found the K7M will run modules 
most PC100/133
boards won't (i.e. registered ECC modules).

I have 128, 256, 512, and 1G registered ECC modules....

All work... but the 512 and 1G modules only see half of each stick... 
unsure if it is
seeing the 1st half of each chip, or only half the chips.

This board was only rated at 768M (3 x 256M DIMMs) from ASUS.

using 3 1G DIMMs, the system sees 1.5G of memory... pushing the platform 
to double
what Asus intended....

Now, the 256 and 512M modules are both double sided using 18 memory 
chips.  The 1G
DIMMs are double sided using 18 or 36 memory chips.

I'm wondering if there are some different density modules that would 
allow me to
run 3 x 512M DIMMs and see them as 3 x 512M DIMMS... vs wasting half of 
my DIMMs
to inaccessibility ?

Any ideas if there were 'low density' 512M PC133 DIMMs as well as 'high 
density' ?

Too bad there wasn't a way to get the K7M to see all 3G of RAM >:)

-- Curt

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