[rescue] off topic - red hat linux book

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Wed Oct 21 15:16:43 CDT 2009

Robert Darlington wrote:
> One of the bad things I saw done was seeing admins (and I use this term
> loosely) setup peoples' shells using these NFS mounted directories.  It
> seemed like a great idea, always getting the most up to date version, but
> the second a switch goes out between your building and the one hosting the
> data, entire divisions couldn't log in!
The absolute worst mess I've ever seen using NFS was a place where the
previous sysadmin tried to setup Veritas Cluster Server on /opt, where
/opt was NFS shared from one of the cluster nodes and mounted off that
node by the other cluster node.  Not much thought was placed into what
happens if the first box goes away. :-)  But I digress, this place had
every machine's opt mounted from this one.  I suppose that made sense
back in the days of 100MB hard drives, but these were 18GB drives (this
was about 8 years ago.)

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