[rescue] off topic - red hat linux book

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Oct 20 19:17:13 CDT 2009

>> Ahhh, "pain and suffering" would also describe out experiences with 
>> RedHat. The hardware is nowhere near as well-behaved as SPARC boxes, 
>> meaningful documentation on kernel TCP parameters has been really hard 
>> to find, and the config files appear to be designed to be convoluted and 
>> confusing, not to mention some other problems like arp flux that we have 
>> found. When I call support, they are helpful, but I have the feeling 
>> that they are learning along with me.
> My experience is, at least some of them probably are.  I beta-tested
> some of the Red Hat Brainshare courses at one point ... even leaving
> aside cases where different whitespace meant being scored as a wrong
> answer, there was only one "right" answer to any question, it was often
> not the best answer, and sometimes it was technically outright wrong.
> But even when it was the wrong answer, It Was The Red Hat Answer.
Yeah, I seem to have that feeling when I do any computer-based training. 
I apparently know too much background and I answer with something that 
is technically the best answer, but it is not the one *they* want. I 
give the short version, and the course wants me to parrot back the exact 
syntax they used in the text.

One of my favorite RedHat questions had to do with what color "vim" 
highlighted something with. Who cares? I don't do that color crap; I do 
what works on as many operating systems as possible, and that means just 
plain "vi" 'cause it is always there. I don't see that knowing how vim 
highlights something is important in administering RedHat. *sigh*


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