[rescue] U20 motherboard upgrade ?

Jerry K sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Mon Oct 19 11:21:32 CDT 2009

I really wasn't planning on swapping out the frame buffer.  The system 
shipped from Sun with a Nvidia Quattro 1500, and I am going to keep it.


Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " From: nate at portents.com
> " 
> " []
> " 
> " If anything, the single greatest determinant in desktop applications
> " for what capacity and capability power supply you should have in a
> " desktop/workstation configuration is the video card, which can draw
> " upwards of 300W per card and can easily dissipate the most heat in any
> " system.
> i was boggled a couple of years ago to read that the gpu is now the
> biggest chip in high end systems, with up to 1G transistors whereas
> cpus have 'only' 1/2G transistors...
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