[rescue] U20 motherboard upgrade ?

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Sun Oct 18 22:14:57 CDT 2009

Hello Lionel,

Thank you for the reply, please see inline comments.

On 10/16/09 06:44, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> I can't imagine an economical way to get to 16 Gigs without 8 SIMM 
> sockets,

I understand, but can't imagine that I am blazing any new ground here, 
or doing something that others on the x86/x64 side are already doing.

  and that many SIMM sockets would eliminate dual CPU boards in
> ATX form AFAIK. 

I don't see that to be a problem.  At this point, I am planning for 
something with an Intel i7 CPU, and as I understand currently, those are 
at least 4 core per die.  I am not currently unhappy with my current 
CPU/motherboard CPU-wise, but I am looking for something that can get me 
past the 8Gb barrier that my current system board has.

This is a lab/play/learning system for me in my home, and I am playing 
with virtualization options.  This is my big drive for more ram.

You may have to up the PS as well, making it an
> expensive upgrade, on a par with the price of a new system... I 
> understand wanting to keep the case, but that and the DVD drive may be 
> all you keep.

Currently in the case, is the motherboard/CPU, DVD-RAM drive, (2) sata 
drives, the Nvidia Quatro FX 1500 frame buffer that shipped with the 
system and a differential SCSI controller on the PCI expansion bus.  I 
don't see that changing anytime soon.  Are you suggesting that doubling 
the amount of RAM will make a significant difference in the amount of 
power being pulled from the PS, or that the new CPU/MB will, or all of 
the above?

Thanks again for your reply,


> An i920 or i750 board with lots of DDR3 RAM and bigger PS would make a 
> GREAT upgrade, but at $600-750US it is close to the price of a similar 
> 'store bought' system. Of course, I'd fill the two SATA bays with 1 TB 
> WD Black drives at $100 ea.
> That's how we roll here at Chez Peterson...
> Lionel
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