[rescue] Source for ID proms, PCMCIA drive in Voyager?

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Fri Oct 16 13:33:11 CDT 2009

ethan at 757tech.net writes:

>And will a PCMCIA hard drive work in a Sun Voyager? A friend has a 500 meg 
>pcmcia drive and I was thinking.... (Of course 16GB SD card in PCMCIA 
>adaptor would be wild). I assume the answer is no but you never know!

I never tried when I had my Voyager running, but I've had no
problem mounting CF cards in a PCMCIA adaptor in a sbus/pcmcia
card under Solaris 8. The documentation says there's a very low
limit (64 meg?) but I've been using a 512meg card. (I use it to
transfer photos from my camera.)

Speed is not very good though. (500 k/s?)

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