[rescue] U20 motherboard upgrade ?- WAS: Wanted: Old Sun Hardware

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Thu Oct 15 11:00:23 CDT 2009

please see in line comments.

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 14 Oct 2009, at 20:04, Jerry K wrote:
> [...]
>> As these are x86 systems, I am curious if anyone has performed a 
>> motherboard/CPU upgrade on an Ultra 20?  Are there any oddities or 
>> particular strange parts in an Ultra 20, vs any other generic x86 
>> based system that would preclude an upgrade?
> I've not dismantled it fully, but it appears to be about as standard as 
> any other x86 box in an ATX case.
> Note that it's *Opteron* not Athlon,

According to the order form, from when I purchased the system, it is the 
AMD Opteron Model 1218 (Dual Core).

  and you need PC3200 DDR ECC RAM to
> max out the memory. This is not economic if you were aiming for the full 
> 8GB. So just treat the motherboard, CPU and RAM as a single assembly for 
> the purpose of upgrading.

Thank you for this part.  That is/was my ultimate plan was to replace 
the motherboard/CPU/memory.  Per Sun, this MB has a max ram of 8 Gb, and 
I wanted to go to 16 Gb, and also move to an intel processor.  I really 
just liked the case and didn't want to part with it.

> The system basically has no standard drive bays. You might want to 
> transplant the guts into another case if you want more than two drives 
> or haven't got any spare spud brackets.

I am happy with the (2) drive bays, I have additional storage capacity 
for this system via an old Sun D1000 JBOD.  The D1000 works great for 
experimenting with different ZFS raid type layouts.

> The most obvious upgrade is to install a DVD-RW drive instead of the 
> stock DVD-ROM drive.

My system shipped with a DVD-RW drive from Sun.  It works great, and I 
have burned many a OpenSolaris Nevada disk with it.

Thank you for your information, I appreciate it.

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