[rescue] Wanted: Old Sun Hardware

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Wed Oct 14 15:22:30 CDT 2009

Richard wrote:
> I thought when it came to Sun hardware "old" was an adjective reserved
> for 680x0 Suns.
What usually determines my in-use or collector's status for older 
platforms is Ethernet capability (if the platform does it). 

Onboard or expandable(read: with commonly available boards) to 10/100 
speed Ethernet usually gives a machine a spot as
an in-use platform, otherwise it's in storage.

Newer platforms that can run gigabit inexpensively (and properly) are 
in-use by default.  Rare as they may be, they do exist.

While it's not a perfect rule, it does work for the greater part of the 
time to cut down on unused clutter.

(If you want to nitpick on Ethernet standards, fine. This is just a 
general way I evaluate older platforms.)

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