[rescue] U20 motherboard upgrade ?- WAS: Wanted: Old Sun Hardware

Jerry K sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Wed Oct 14 14:04:57 CDT 2009

I have a (probably similar) Sun Ultra 20 M2 system.  I have also noticed 
that several other list members have mentioned in passing that they also 
own similar units.

As these are x86 systems, I am curious if anyone has performed a 
motherboard/CPU upgrade on an Ultra 20?  Are there any oddities or 
particular strange parts in an Ultra 20, vs any other generic x86 based 
system that would preclude an upgrade?

I hope that this is a completely stupid/obvious question, but this is my 
first/only x86 system that I have had in over a decade.

TIA for any replies,


Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 14 Oct 2009, at 10:46, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> I think 'Old' has gone through several definitions - first anything 
>> 680x0-based, then anything Sun4(all flavors) or earlier, then anytimg 
>> that wouldn't run 64-bit Solaris. Soon (I fear) it will mean anything 
>> not x64-based.
> Ha. I have in front of me a slightly battered x64 Ultra 20, acquired 
> cheaply because the previous owner evidently decided it was too old.
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