[rescue] Wanted: Old Sun Hardware

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Tue Oct 13 21:07:12 CDT 2009

James Birdsall wrote:
> mpickering at mindspring.com wrote:
>> Does anyone on the list have any of the following available for trade/purchase/swap?
>> [list snipped]
> Man, I feel old now. I remember when all of this stuff came out and I 
> still have it mentally marked as "moderately recent". When I hear "old 
> Sun hardware" I think of VME Sparcs at the latest, and even that is iffy 
> because it's Sparc. "Old Sun hardware" is more properly Sun-3 stuff, and 
> then there's "OLD Sun hardware", which would be the Sun-2 line, which 
> was already obsolete and gone when I first met Sun hardware in the late 
> Eighties.

When I were a lad, t'foreman stamped the Sun logo on our hands with a
hammer and handed us an abacus!  And we were grateful for it!  ;)

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