[rescue] Wanted: Old Sun Hardware

mpickering at mindspring.com mpickering at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 13 15:28:44 CDT 2009

Hey all,

Does anyone on the list have any of the following available for trade/purchase/swap?

- SBus Turbo ZX 24-bit framebuffer for SS10/20
- SS20 VSIMM modules
- Any MBus CPU modules, any speed, cache or no cache.  Just looking for additional modules.  I have mainly SM51 and SM40.  Especially SM71 and dual processor SM52 configurations.
- Memory DIMMs for SS5/20 or SS10.  Also older SIMMs for IPC/IPX/LX, etc.
- SS5/20 CD-ROM drives
- SS5/10/20 bits or chassis in need of a home such as drives, sleds, PSUs, whole machines gathering dust, etc.
- SCSI SCA drives, any capacity.

I'm trying to get good old-school representative machines of my favorite SPARCstations up and running and I'd really like to do some maximum configurations.  Just looking to play and keep these old machines alive.

Contact me on or off list with items, prices, costs.  Thanks everyone!

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