[rescue] WANTED: Older IDE/ATA/PATA 500gb drives

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Mon Oct 12 11:31:03 CDT 2009

Quoth Peter Corlett ...
> On 9 Oct 2009, at 21:00, stephen price wrote:
> [...]
> > {Fry's} is running sata 500gb for $59 locally today - I'd given 
> > thought of slapping a sata-to-ide converter on a few - but 
> even then 8 
> > x 60 is outsid e the cost constraints of the project I want to do.
> Hah, I'd love to find them that cheap retail.
> Both Queensway Computer Markets and the Tottenham Court Road 
> shops seem to think it's still 2006 when it comes to hard 
> disk pricing. I was quoted #55 (about $80) for a bog standard 
> 80GB 3.5" SATA disk in one place. You could probably hear me 
> laughing in their face from the other side of the Atlantic.

It's worse here in France.

Former landlord's laptop's HD died.  His village has no computer shop of any
kind, so I picked up a drive in a shop in a near-by large city ... 160 GB
Samsung, 70 Euro.  That's about USD105 or summat, innit?  I bought two of
the buggers for about USD60 each just before we left what my friend calls
"the Big PX," i.e. the USA.

In general, computer stuff here costs 150-200% what it costs in the USA,
except for CD-R/DVD-R type recordable media.  That's about 500%.


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