[rescue] Any recommendations on rack-mount UPS?

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sun Oct 11 12:34:55 CDT 2009

Rich Kulawiec wrote:
> It seems $dayjob needs one or two, somewhere in the 2u to 4u
> range, for 2-4 low-end servers.  Remote control is spiffy but
> not necessary; mostly I'm looking for something that gets the
> basics right before worrying about nice-to-have features.  So...
> I figured I'd poll the collective wisdom.

I think APC SmartUPS is the way to go.

Also, I think this is a great item to buy refurbed, if money is tight. 
In particular, I like the guys at think3p.com, although refurbups.com 
has also been good.  I bought my own 4U UPS (4U because it was cheaper 
than an equivalent smaller model) from think3p.com, which I originally 
found out about from this list.

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