[rescue] Small Cheap Linux Board??

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Thu Nov 26 08:04:13 CST 2009

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 12:27:59PM +0000, Weird Shanghai wrote:
>all brilliant responses, keep them coming.  im looking at all of them so
>you people have been very helpful thanks.

I don't think you ever answered my proposal of WRT54G-L routers. I'm curious
not for ego, but for information. 

They run common easily found linux.

They have a toolchain well known and useable.

They are well documented.

The have an ARM processor, ROM and RAM. The ROM and RAM are not easily
expandable, but they may be with some soldering.

They have 2 ethernet ports, one with a 4 port hub built in.

They have a bunch of processor controlled LED's and several unused GPIO lines.

They have 802.11g wifi.

They are relatively small, use little power and and single supply voltage (5v?).

They are very cheap, if you are in the US, you probably could get all you need
for experimenting/prototyping for free by posting that you are recycling them
into usefull objects.

They lack:

USB ports.

PATA/SATA ports.

Memory card slots.

Display ports.

Drop in memory expansion.

An X86 processor.

More information would be helpful in helping you.

BTW, if you are really into hardware hacking, you could do most of it with
dead iPods. I had suggested to someone about converting them into intelligent
mouse traps, and blogged about it in general when I was blogging, but nothing
ever happened.  

I read later that someone does it and was glad to see it. 

They have an ARM processor, mass storage, a graphics display, USB client port,
a bootloader in ROM, RAM, battery and charger and are available by the bin
in any recylce center.


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