[rescue] What Linux can run on Sun Fire V890 (UltraSparc IV+)

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Thu Nov 26 01:05:13 CST 2009

blue at aquarat.za.net writes:

> Solaris fits well on this system... the fans slow down shortly after
>Solaris has booted, I'm sure Linux won't do that without a lot of
>tweaking :P . The thing is that this machine is owned privately and
>isn't required to be stable, on 24/7, serve web pages, etc. There's no
>reason why Linux shouldn't be able to run on this machine. Solaris isn't
>fully compliant with Linux... there's a lot of software available for
>Linux which won't run on Solaris without lots of magic :P . So far,
>Solaris on this machine has been really good at generating fractals :) .
>The JRE supplied with Solaris is very very efficient, which is great
>because I actually know Java quite well (don't kill me pleeeeease).

Just like to point out that I was a hardcore BSD purist for over a
decade, but running Solaris on nice Sun gear (SS1000, originally)
made me a convert. I now run BSD on the desktop and small servers
(firewalls, etc.) but Solaris on all my heavy-lifting servers.

Give it a little more time. You might grow to like it.

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