[rescue] What Linux can run on Sun Fire V890 (UltraSparc IV+) server

Jonathan Groll lists at groll.co.za
Wed Nov 25 13:46:25 CST 2009

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 01:40:43PM -0500, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> While you assumed a HW config, I assumed that:

HW == ?

> A) the OP had a good reason to want to run specific apps
> B) the OP could not find pre-compiled versions of those apps for Solaris
> C) the OP was either unable or unsuccessful at porting those apps to  
> Solaris
> D) that the problem the OP was trying to solve was to run specific apps, 
> not to find an excuse to run 'something' on the server
> I could be wildly off in my assumptions, and so could you - either way, 
> my suggestion was sound, if my dollar amount/budget was off. Those apps 
> running unoptimized on the hardware he has may actually run slower than 
> similar-era Intel/AMD hardware that is running optimized versions of the 
> apps.

All good points, modern Intel/AMD hardware is outstanding value for
price/performance and I'm surprised that no mention was made that an
Atom-class machine can knock the socks off a ~3KW Sun server in terms
of power consumption costs! Still, we do rescue these things, don't we


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