[rescue] Can a drive from an EMC be used an a SunBlade

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 22 11:28:19 CST 2009

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> Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 09:07:28 -0500
> From: "Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." 
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> Subject: Re: [rescue] Can a drive from an EMC be used an a SunBlade
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> Jonathan Sturges wrote:
> > I recently acquired 4 146GB EMC/Clariion drives, all are "12v only."  All 4 
> are Seagate Cheetahs, but 2 are older and 2 are newer.  I had no troubles with 
> the older Cheetahs in an FC MultiPack; however, the newer Cheetahs won't spin up 
> at all.  The only difference I can spot is the newer Cheetahs (ST3146707FCV) 
> draw 12v at 1.6A, while the older ones (ST3146807FCV) draw a little less:  
> 12v at 1.4A.  It's possible that both newer Cheetahs are bad, I suppose, though I 
> tend to think that's unlikely.  
> >  
> The one I tried says 1.4A.  It does spin up... but with it in no FC 
> devices are
> seen (even the 1 good drive).  Even plugged in alone, no devices are seen.
> Maybe this one drive was bad (it is used).  Maybe I should ask the seller I
> purchased this from if I can try an exchange ?  I just don't want to pay for
> shipping only to find out the next one won't work either.  (I'd rather 
> put that
> money into regular drives instead of 'EMC specials').
> -- Curt

Hmmm, it sounds like that drive might be bad.  You should be able to probe the bus while that drive is installed; it shouldn't break anything.  I would swap it with another from the seller, if possible.

My experience with the drives that won't spin up is that they don't interfere with the bus, and they still return inquiry data.  So you should certainly be able to see everything from OBP on a Sun, even if the OS can't spin it up.


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