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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 10:16:06 -0500
From: Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [rescue] Want a solaris box with F77 on it.
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George Wyche wrote:
> @et. al.
> I know you all are willing to solve my "real problem", if I would just
> tell you what it really is. No... I am looking for the quick fix here to
> tide me (us) over until the port is a reality. I cannot justify anything
> which will demonstrably pull man-hours off of the porting task. Any
> deviation from what I asked for (f77 that compiles and produces an
> executable) will consume man-days to perfect.
> You will just have to believe me when I say the original programmers for
> this program looked under the hood of f77 and married the code to f77. I
> am sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. (It wasn't ME!)
> Sun quit f77 a long time ago and you cannot get THAT from them. The only
> f77 we ever used had a license with it and that license precluded its
> operation outside the agreement. A couple years ago (or so) Sun said
> they could "transfer" the license to another hardware setup, but were
> not specific.
> So 1) a f77 compiler (and libraries) is necessary.
> 2) a solaris box it will run on (any I would assume). I have access to a
> couple differnt kinds: SunBlade 1000, SunBlade100
> 3) an OS the will support the f77 and actually compile (license may very
> well be required even if nobody cares). We still have a number of OS8
> boxes functioning quite nicely (except for CDT->CST changes) that should
> not be disturbed except upon hardware failure; one OS9, and one OS10.
> You might say, heck, beg a copy of f77 and libraries, put it on your
> latest OS10 solaris SPARC and have at it! I would feel obliged to get an
> OK from Sun in hand. And, you see, that takes time and effort toward
> something that might not work out.
> **IF** what I asked for exists and someone was willing to part with it,
> then I am 100% sure it is viable immediately. Hence my request.

Sorry, but I haven't been following the discussion. Is there a reason 
you can't use g77?

Peace... Sridhar
So this could be condensed as saying "Thank you for suggesting f2c and the f77
calling method for f95 from Sun Studio 11, we've tried them and they don't
work. We need something that's guaranteed f77, please do the work for us so we
don't have to spend any money".

I have a 30-day trial disk of Sun Performance WorkShop Fortran 3.0, but I have
no idea if it's f77 or f95.

You didn't note what version of Solaris it needs to work on. That might have
some bearing.

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