[rescue] Want a solaris box with F77 on it.

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Fri Nov 20 09:11:59 CST 2009

@et. al.
I know you all are willing to solve my "real problem", if I would just 
tell you what it really is. No... I am looking for the quick fix here to 
tide me (us) over until the port is a reality. I cannot justify anything 
which will demonstrably pull man-hours off of the porting task. Any 
deviation from what I asked for (f77 that compiles and produces an 
executable) will consume man-days to perfect.

You will just have to believe me when I say the original programmers for 
this program looked under the hood of f77 and married the code to f77. I 
am sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. (It wasn't ME!)

Sun quit f77 a long time ago and you cannot get THAT from them. The only 
f77 we ever used had a license with it and that license precluded its 
operation outside the agreement. A couple years ago (or so) Sun said 
they could "transfer" the license to another hardware setup, but were 
not specific.

So 1) a f77 compiler (and libraries) is necessary.
    2) a solaris box it will run on (any I would assume). I have access 
to a couple differnt kinds: SunBlade 1000, SunBlade100
    3) an OS the will support the f77 and actually compile (license may 
very well be required even if nobody cares). We still have a number of 
OS8 boxes functioning quite nicely (except for CDT->CST changes) that 
should not be disturbed except upon hardware failure; one OS9, and one OS10.

You might say, heck, beg a copy of f77 and libraries, put it on your 
latest OS10 solaris SPARC and have at it! I would feel obliged to get an 
OK from Sun in hand. And, you see, that takes time and effort toward 
something that might not work out.

**IF** what I asked for exists and someone was willing to part with it, 
then I am 100% sure it is viable immediately. Hence my request.


Robert Darlington wrote:
> Aren't F95 compilers 100% F77 "compliant" for lack of a better word?  I
> don't remember downgrading compilers from whatever was current with
> Forte/SunOne to compile the bulk of our code which was done in F77.
> -Bob
> On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Sandwich Maker <adh at an.bradford.ma.us>wrote:
>> " From: George Wyche <gw at citasystems.com>
>> "
>> " I would like to buy (or borrow, I guess) a solaris box with the old
>> " FORTRAN F77 compiler on it. I already asked Sun if there would be any
>> " trouble with the license to run that thing and they said, "No problem".
>> " I even heard (from somewhere) that it was possible to run that compiler
>> " on newer OS than OS[2.]6 where this program was last compiled.
>> studio 11 and 12 both include fortran, and both run on s9 and s10.
>> and both are free for d/l at
>> http://developers.sun.com/sunstudio/downloads/previous/index.jsp .
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