[rescue] Want a solaris box with F77 on it.

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Wed Nov 18 21:53:07 CST 2009


I would like to buy (or borrow, I guess) a solaris box with the old 
FORTRAN F77 compiler on it. I already asked Sun if there would be any 
trouble with the license to run that thing and they said, "No problem". 
I even heard (from somewhere) that it was possible to run that compiler 
on newer OS than OS[2.]6 where this program was last compiled.

Yes.. really. The  port of a 50,000 line program married to F77 is going 
too slowly. So slow that we need to compile the old code **just 1 more 
time!** (says here). The port is one year late right now. Easily will be 
another 6 months. Therefore I am seeking to compile the program in its 
old situation, which, alas, is no longer available, i.e. the old box is 

George Wyche

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