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Tue Nov 17 16:10:34 CST 2009

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 04:25:13PM -0500, Carl R. Friend wrote:

>    This is the memo laying out the "One Architecture" plan, putting
> all the eggs in the VAX basket, and killing off the 18- and 36-
> bitters.  It actually dates to the late 1970s -- a bit earlier than
> I recalled; DEC finally pulled the plug and killed the Jupiter project
> (the follow-on to the KL-10) in 1983.

Although I never saw a memo about it, I thought you were referring to DEC's
dropping of Ultrix. They figured that if around half of the people bought
VAXes to run UNIX (Ultrix) then if they dropped Ultirx, they would run
VMS on all of their VAXes. 

They they would have only one operating system instead of two to support,
and no royalties to pay AT&T.

Unfortunately for them it back fired and people started looking at alternative
computers to run UNIX on, and that led to migrations away from DEC. 

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