[rescue] What Happens When You Bring a 22-Year-Old Mac to the Genius Bar?

Marcin 'Rambo' Roguski rambo at id.uw.edu.pl
Tue Nov 17 14:44:50 CST 2009

> Apple should use that footage in an ad.  That is an excellent example
> of customer service.

That's nothing, My friend I once brought supposedly defunct Performa 475
to an Apple service here in Warsaw. We went to the support desk just
like this, we showed the Mac. The nice lady asked us to wait a while, and
she rushed to the staff entrance. We only heard her whispering 
theatrically "there are two guys who brought an LC here". Followed that, 
a burst of laugh - not the mocking one, but sincere "geeks are here" laugh.
They let us to the "repair shop", they looked at our Mac - it turns out 
they have a battery and, when it dies, sometimes will just refuse to start
even up to not sounding the chime. After replacing, the 1$ 475 booted and 
presented us with System 7.5.1, Office for Mac, Netscape Navigator 4.7,
Photoshop 4 and some other stuff. We could play with a G5 and a few eMacs.
That was a really neat experience, needles to say my bud actually stayed
with Apple - he now has a MacBook.


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