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Mon Nov 16 02:14:45 CST 2009

>> a MicroVAX I
>> [...]
>> that MicroVAX, for example, is probably between 1 and 2 VUPS
> The MV I is rated at 0.3 VUPs.  The MV II is at 0.9 VUPs.

It's a uVII.  The "I" you quoted was taken out of context; the context
was "a MicroVAX I really should dig out again", in which the "I" is a
pronoun, not a Roman numeral.  (There was, it's true, a line break
between "I" and "really", making it easier to misread.)

My "between 1 and 2" was partly hazy memory handing me a 1.2 figure and
partly my own experiemce of it being noticeably faster than the 780,
but not all that much faster.  (Though, admittedly, that could well
have been partly more RAM and partly faster disk.)

> The MV I, together with the VAX 11/730, is the slowest VAX build
> ever.

Not the 725?  I certainly recall the 725 as feeling slower than the
730, but after this long it's certainly possible that I've got the
numbers wrong - or that the speed difference I noticed was at least
partly peripheral speed rather than CPU crunch.

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