[rescue] Electronics Recycling Day

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Sun Nov 15 05:19:40 CST 2009

Lionel Peterson asks ...

> What would be your 'no question, scrap' cut-off? P4s are 
> still useful (above 2.0 Ghz), IMHO.

My threshold is a lot lower than that, for some things.  Currently, machines
that are physically small, and quiet, tend to stick around.  I've got a
couple of sub-1-gHz PIII PCs, for example; tiny, quiet old Intel "internet

For some reason, I can't let laptops and other portables go, either.

Non-Intel Unix machines tend to stick around, too.  I passed along a large
pile of Sun and SGI stuff, but I still have an SGI Indigo^2, and O2, and an

But, I'm doing better.  I've down to a van-load of computer stuff, from a
semi-trailer-load, with no decrease in fun.


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