[rescue] Rescue Cutoff

Bill Blum bill.blum at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 17:26:18 CST 2009

> > What would be your 'no question, scrap' cut-off? P4s are still useful
> > (above 2.0 Ghz), IMHO.
I've gotten rid of multiple P3 boxes in the past month, and only have one
celeron 433 in use ( FreeBSD + two NICs = gateway/firewall ).

I used to jump at the chance to take castoff machines from $dayjob, or
$previous_dayjob-- now, I just tell them to recycle 'em.

My current criteria:   decent processor speed ( P4 > 1.7 GHz, Sparc > 700MHz
), cheaper RAM ( if the motherboard's not DDR2 or DDR3, it'd better be
already maxxed out )... and Readily Available Hard Drives.  (Which for me =
SATA, IDE, then SCSI.)

I turned down a Blade 1000 a few weeks back from a former coworker solely
because I had no freaking clue where I'd get fiber channel drives that I
could be sure would work.    Similarly, I declined the Indy and the O2 that
they had available as well.     I'm still trying to figure out how to keep
my Blade 100 running for the time being, thanks to the IDE controller's
inability to cope with large IDE drives.

Bill Blum
Bill.Blum at gmail.com

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