[rescue] Electronics Recycling Day

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 13:12:43 CST 2009

So my county had an electronics recycling day, and I shed the bulk of  
my PIII systems, because there's really no reason to keep them around  
(IMHO). In that cut-off I included PIII-class Xeon boxes.

I shed

2x dual P3 Xeon 933 servers (kept one, not sure why)

2x dual PIII 450 Mhz workstations

3x 1Ghz PIII desktops

And an orange iMac.

Most amazing item in the heap, a very, very clean flat screen iMac  

I pulled CPUs, RAM, and optical drives (SCSI, not IDE) first.

What would be your 'no question, scrap' cut-off? P4s are still useful  
(above 2.0 Ghz), IMHO.


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