[rescue] Can a drive from an EMC be used an a SunBlade

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Thu Nov 12 14:06:08 CST 2009

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> Usually all you have to do is change the sector size of the disk from 520 (emc
> proprietary) to 512 (normal) & reformat.
> sformat (schilly tools) or scu (scsi
> command utility) normally work just fine.....
> I also read somewhere long ago
> that format -e & then rewrite the label as SMI works too - but I've never
> tried that.
> I've also done it with a pc and it works there also.
> regards
> steve

I should've Googled before I mailed previously, because I easily found the 'scu' home page.

Another tool that is useful for this kind of low-level manipulation is Bart's SCSITOOL (http://www.nu2.nu/scsitool/), whose only downside is that it's for DOS!  But it should work with any HBA having DOS ASPI drivers, IIRC.


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