[rescue] Rescue my Sun hardware!

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Nov 10 13:42:31 CST 2009

>          1 QLogic 2-port Fiber Channel controller
>      1 QLogic SBus 2-port Fiber Channel controller
>      1 501-3060 SBus 2-port Fiber Channel controller

I have a whole pile of FC disk drives (Seagate model numbers ending FC,
eg, ST336752FC), and a box to run them in, but nothing else that speaks
FC.  (This is now I end up with new technologies: piecemeal.)

Whoever ends up with the above stuff, if you have FC interfaces you're
not using, I'd love to get my hands on one.  I could send out disks,
too, except that, because of the way they came to me, I feel
honour-bound to wipe them first - and I can't do that at present.  (I'd
offer to swap some disks for the FC card, except that I have no
assurance there won't be software issues perventing me from using the
FC card and thus still being unable to wipe the drives.)

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