[rescue] Sun USB KBD and Zip disks

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Nov 8 16:26:00 CST 2009

> I got a free Sun Blade 100 (and yeah, I know all about it's IDE 
> limitations) but think I'm going to set it up to replace/retire one  of 
> my SS10's...with the IDE drive should be a bunch bigger than the 9GB 
> drives on the 10's... and sounds already quite a bit quieter (esp the 
> full height 9GB drive..)  Anyway, I just realized that I don't have any 
> USB keyboards (PC or Sun).  Any one know if one of the PC-KBD to USB 
> adapters will work? (it seems to at least detect it... but also got a 
> bit of repeat...)  If not, will a standard cheapo PC kbd work (at least 
> for loading OS...)?  Are the Sun USB kbds out there for cheap?

I have a Blade 100 at work, and I have loaded the OS repeatedly (test 
box) over a serial console. You may want a graphical console for some 
other reason, but it is not necessary to make the box go.

Given a choice, I'd probably stick with the SS10, but then I am partial 
to SCSI and SBUS.


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