[rescue] Sun USB KBD and Zip disks

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun Nov 8 16:18:49 CST 2009

A question and an offer...

I got a free Sun Blade 100 (and yeah, I know all about it's IDE  
limitations) but think I'm going to set it up to replace/retire one   
of my SS10's...with the IDE drive should be a bunch bigger than the  
9GB drives on the 10's... and sounds already quite a bit quieter (esp  
the full height 9GB drive..)  Anyway, I just realized that I don't  
have any USB keyboards (PC or Sun).  Any one know if one of the PC-KBD  
to USB adapters will work? (it seems to at least detect it... but also  
got a bit of repeat...)  If not, will a standard cheapo PC kbd work  
(at least for loading OS...)?  Are the Sun USB kbds out there for cheap?

Now the offer:  I got 3 Iomega 100 MB cartridges handed to me, but I  
have no use for them.  Anybody want them?  I'll send for price of  
(one is still in the shrink wrap...)



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