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John Francini francini at mac.com
Mon Nov 2 17:55:45 CST 2009

When I worked at DEC, I was in two different facilities that had Xerox  
9700s/8700s -- Maynard's PKO1, and Marlboro's MRO1.  The 9700 in  
Parker Street was tape-fed, and we printed jobs from the  
DECsystem-10s, DECSYSTEM-20s, and VAX systems by queueing them to a  
special "printer" that accumulated the jobs.  Several times a day the  
jobs were spooled off to tape, the jobs printed, and we could go  
collect the output.

In Marlboro, the Xerox 8700 was on the then-newish Ethernet, and jobs  
were queued, via a software package that later got marketed as the  
Distributed Queueing System, from the various computers in the  
building (which was vast), to a VAX/VMS system that played 'front end'  
to the 8700. We'd go look for the printouts some 2-3 hours later.


On 2 Nov 2009, at 17:54, John Lengeling wrote:

>> On which one were you trying to run that job?
>> Peace...  Sridhar
> We originally started out on the PDP 11/44 and eventually that machine
> was replaced with a VAX 11/170.  This was circa 1984-1990
> I worked in a department called "Text Processing" before anyone had  
> word
> processors.  A lot of departments were using vi + nroff + Diablo  
> 1620/30
> printers to generate letters/mail merges.  These machines were also  
> used
> to drive a typesetter using ditroff to typeset the university catalog.
> johnl
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