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> Skeezics Boondoggle wrote:
> > Well, almost 30 years ago the Xerox 9700 could do 120ppm, and
> > lower-end models could do 40-60ppm.  The 9700 was a beast.  It had a
> > duty cycle of something like a million pages a month.  Hell, they
> Production printers are a different sort of animal altogether.


When I was a teenager, my first major solo programming project was to
write a program that would queue print jobs to a Xerox laser printer.
The printer would accept input on 9-track magtape and print from the
jobs based on the input.  The program I wrote took your input files
and queued them locally to a spooling area.  Then once a week it was
run with a separate switch to generate the formatted magtape for
printing.  There were separate queues for the different paper types
and the magtape formatting was kinda funky IIRC.  I really wish I had
kept a source listing of that program as it was the first program of
any significance that I wrote.  They used it at Project DELTA at the
University of Delaware for a number of years after I wrote it.
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