[rescue] Sparcengine AXi questions

John Ruschmeyer jruschme at gmail.com
Sat May 23 20:52:00 CDT 2009

This weekend, I finally got around to playing with a Sparcengine AXi
board that I picked up from another list member some time ago. Already,
I'm starting to think that my temperament is better suited to an AXe (or
an Ultra 5/10). That said, though, a couple of questions:

1) Anybody have a spare for the PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors? I've
got a type 5 keyboard, but I think I'd rather use PS/2 with a KVM.

2) Can the OBP boot from an IDE drive and, if so, any recommendations
for an inexpensive compatible PCI card? I know I should really go SCSI
on this, but I think I prefer cheap plentiful storage even at the
performance penalty.

3) Any good sources for a NVRAM replacement? Mine has a dead battery.


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