[rescue] Surplus equipment to be available in Seattle, WA, USA

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Sat May 9 16:18:30 CDT 2009


I'm going to be back in the Seattle area in a few days; I'll be staying all
summer.  During that time, we will be emptying our house in preparation for
a return to France; as part of that, I'm going to be reducing my SGI and Sun

Consider this advance warning!

Among the items "on the block" will be at least ...

Tandem-badged, all-black SGI Challenge L "Deskside Supercomputer" - At least
6 R10K processors, 1.5 GB RAM, 100BaseT Ethernet, etc.  Lots of spare
boards.  Spare processors (incl R4k).  Spare power supply.  Spare fan.
Cables, etc., etc.  Enough stuff to keep it running for years and years.

SGI Indy, loaded.

Teal Indigo2, I can't remember specs, but probably pretty empty.

Purple Indigo2 Max Impact, loaded - 768 MB RAM, etc.

Sun LX, loaded.

Sun SPARClassic, loaded (2 of these, I think)

Sun Ultra 2, unknown spec.

Vast selection of Sun and other external SCSI disk enclosures.

Several Sun/SGI bootable CD-ROM drives in external enclosures.

External SGI floppy/MO drive in Granite enclosure.

SCSI cables to suit all the above.

A great deal of "et cetera."

All the machines work.  I'll check 'em out and install fresh OSes before I
let them go, as well as provide condition reports and various accessories.

I'm amenable to trades, money, or just profound thanks.  I'll even talk
about shipping, if you're not in the area.

As a trade, I'm looking for a netbook or a quiet, physically-tiny Intel
machine I can bring back to France for use as a server.

If you want dibs on any of this stuff, contact me off-list.



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