[rescue] Anyone need a drive?

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sat May 2 12:18:18 CDT 2009

I was able to recover a big pile of the drives that came from the  
StorEDGE and other boxes... (didn't get them all from what I can  
tell... )
I have:

27 Fujitsu MAG3091LC drives (9 GB)
5 Fujitsu MAG3182LC drives (18GB)
11 Segate ST39103LC drives (9GB)
4 Segate ST318203LC drives (18GB)
1 Segate ST38294LC drive (9GB)

Along with 3 Sun 36 GB SCSI drives (not LVD, just regular Fujitsu  
MAP3367NC drives)

Oh, and all these have spuds...

I've not decided whether to build out the StoreEDGE with 12 of these  
LVD drives (I'd be 3 short of the 18's)
or what.    But figured I'd ask to see who might need drives...  Let  
me know..


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