[rescue] Tons of stuff for rescue, but hurry!

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Tue Mar 31 14:46:10 CDT 2009

Local only unfortunately...

IT just reorg'd... they are pitching the old regime's stuff... I grabbed a ton of sun stuff, but can fit it all in my car - literally....

Here are some pics:



Here is an RS6000 I believe - I'm bringing this home....  If you want it I'll have it.


All the stuff on pallets is at my office - there is a ton of sun stuff, IBM stuff.... All KINDS of software - Every Solaris release since Solaris 6 (I grabbed the boxxed stuff) in media kits.

I can meet someone here at my office and get you in the shop after work and you can pick through it...

ANyways.... Its a lot of goodies - KVM cables, SCSI cables, Keyboards, Mice, Spaceballs, etc....

- Chris

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