[rescue] NEC image 433

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sat Mar 28 16:09:39 CDT 2009

On Mar 28, 2009, at 3:29 PM, cookie wrote:

>  I never thought I would have to ask this,
> especially here....  But does anyone on the
> list have an old "NEC image 433" collecting
> dust that they might be willing to part with?

I don't have one of these. But I am thinking...

After playing with google this is a 486/33-based system. Unless it has  
some kind of specific IO for your legacy system I'm surprised you  
can't get away with FreeDOS in a VM  image. Maybe it's relying  
specifically on the 33Mhz timing or a special parallel port mode that  
is set in the BIOS (ECP vs. EPP or whatever.) Does it have some funky  
ISA card in it?


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