[rescue] ADMIN NOTE: Thank you!

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Tue Mar 24 18:08:21 CDT 2009

Just another admin note.

Thank you, everyone.  Thanks so much for your contributions to the server
upgrade fund.  I never expected the generous response I got to my upgrade
status email.

Due to the contributions from everyone, I've got the new WD RE3 (Raid
Edition) 1T drive for the new system sitting here on my desk, along a pair
of WD "green" 1T WD10EADS drives that will be ZFS mirrored and used for the
local rsnapshot backups of the main system (which is located in Austin, I'm
in Houston).  

I've also got a third WD 1T drive in an external USB enclosure that will
be used for monthly "offsite offsite" backups; I'll be rsyncing the
rsnapshots to it and then keeping it in my office at work.

I've received plenty of funds and have everything I need for the ugprade
process; no more monetary contributions are needed (unless you want it to
go towards the "buy Ms.  Bradford a nice dinner for putting up with
hardware all over the dining room table" fund).  

We now return you to normal "If you like the services I provide, consider
buying something off http://wishlist.sunhelp.org" programming.

I'll be building the Jumpstart server this coming weekend, and either
shipping it and the drive to OnRamp,  or going with my wife to a doctor
appointment in Austin and doing the work in person, around the 31st.  If
all goes well, you can expect the migration to happen in mid-April.

Again, thank you everyone.  The new server should be awesome.


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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