[rescue] Replacing Linksys WRT54GS with a Netra T105

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Mar 23 20:49:17 CDT 2009

On 3/23/09 5:31 PM, "Mark Brown"  wrote:

> Hey!
> I'd like to replace my Linksys device that runs my ADSL connection here
> at home with a Netra box I'm about to rescue from the office.

I can't speak to ipf on Solaris, but I run ipf on Netra T105s with OpenBSD
and they are nice and solid.

I only offer that since IMO it's easier to add to a base *BSD install the
things you need, than strip out of Solaris all the things you don't. But if
Solaris is your flavor, then rock on! :-)


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